Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first photo shooting at KL

Da rang! Just like wat show at above pic,today i having my first photo shooting since I come KL for a few months. Reached Sungai Wang Starbuck at 10am,with rushing breathe and sweat,and luckily my make up has not gone yet. Finished at 2 sumthing,then we went to Pavilion Starbuck yumcha and has a discussion at our today's photo. Phewww.

Well,i haven't intro my photographer today. He is ........Cyrus!! Give him a big clap!! We done a great job today. =) And i have received a few picture that Cyrus upload to facebook,i love the picture but i'm not really like the tone that edited. But still,respect what he has done. :) Every photographer has their own style. Owh well,i waiting him to send me the original one. There are quite a lot of pic waiting. :)

After finish photo shooting,i went home. As usual,i took lrt back home. When reached home almost 4.30pm,then take a short break,online then start my daily activies. Fb,msn and twitter *wink* and of cours,chat with my babuu. weeeee~

Then,i start creating my new blog.
I mean the blog that i'm using right now. :)
Pheww~ finally im done,but it still under "construction". So it might be empty and less thingy right now. But no worries,will be updated daily if i'm free. :P

Well,i'm going to have my movie later
. The singapore movie name BEING HUMAN做人,i think it will be nice since some of my frens ever intro abt this movie.


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