Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's totally shit.

I have waited for 1 month,and now finally.. God! Finally i've been received DiGi inform msg that my payment has been ready. There is only one sentence that i would like to shout loudly,i'm f*cking pissed off their payment efficient.

Well,let me overall the story. Someday around middle of May,my ex housemate asked me whether i'm interested to work as DiGi Promoter or not because his friend not able to go for work because of emergency matter. At first i don't feel like accept this job because of the ridiculous weather. It's really hot! But after i think twice,if i go for it,at least i can earn some pocket money as per day RM170,excluded dinner. So at last i go for it.

Okay,to be honest,work as DiGi Promoter quite relaxed because we have nothing to do. Just join the soccer games to be goal keeper and have fun with the people. 9.30pm we have finish our work and back home. But not every event or activites they made are relax,just maybe i'm lucky that i'm just work at that day. After finish my work,i take lrt back home.

Before i accept this job,i ever asked my housemate when will they paid the salary for us. Then he said will be received at the coming Sunday. Okay,so then i wait. Few days,i received one of the agent sms,she request for my bank account and full name,okay then i give her,and i had made a double confirmation with her. She said the salary will be out either is this week or next week. Then i try to be an understanding girl,i said okay then greet thanks.

After the two weeks have pass,but i still haven't received my salary. Then i try to sms the agent in the nice and polite way,she never reply my msg. I called her,she didn't pick up. The same situation keep repeated till last week,i really beh tahan,i msg her and sounds heavy tone,but not bad words or impolite way. Can you imagine u wait for almost one month and she never reply or call back you? If you are me,what is your feeling? And finally,she replied my msg and ask me refer to another person for the payment issues. From that moment,i promise to myself i won't accept any DiGi Promoter job anymore! Never and NEVER!

Okay,this is not the main point. Read below the words has been ITALIC.

22nd of June,i received the woman agent's msg :

" Digi Bola Paycheque is ready. Come collect it from our office from 12pm onwards today. (We DO NOT do bank-ins or pay cash). Look for Christine. Here's the address : #6 M-floor, plaza damansara, medan setia 2,bkt damansara, 50490 KL. (same row as Domino's,public bank and deustches gasthaus) call 03-2094 4545 if you need direction. Again,thousand apologies for the delay of payment. Loves, Darynne. "

Okay,you guys get what is the main point?

First :
WTF! Your office is located at Damansara?!
Do you know it's really super damn far from KL?
And one more thing, there is no any transport can reach there except CAB!
Walao,do you know if take CAB it's cost alot and expensive?

Second :
How come the cheque is not bank in for us?
This is my first time to know that the big company asked for their worker
to go to damn far area there is no transport available
for their worker to reach there and get their cheque.

It's totally shit.

In conclusion,i still don't know what and how is the best way to go there and get my cheque.
Any good idea or suggestions for me? :-(

Sunday, June 27, 2010



最近收到她的简讯,告诉我她喜欢上B先生,她问我 :“Nelly,我该怎么办才好?我不应该喜欢上他。喜欢他根本就是一个错误。”我好纳闷,心里也有好多疑问,为什么喜欢上B先生是个错误?她单身,他也单身,为什么不能喜欢他?后来A小姐告诉我,因为她很清楚,自己不是B先生喜欢的类型,就算她再怎么喜欢他,也是没有用。我可以想象我头顶上乌鸦飞过的情景。






Friday, June 25, 2010

The "real" me :-P


Okay,ignore my messy room
. As u guys see at above pic,it's me! The most natural and non make up face. Yeah i know that i have big difference between make up and non make up. I bet every girls have the same situation like me,i mean without make up and after make up. Hope my non make up face is not scary till you all can't recognize who am i. LOL

Let's see the picture after i put on make up at my face. Big difference right?

Okay what i've done at my face? Well,as simple as usually what girls use for their make up,e.g : BB cream,concealer,eye shadow,eye liner,blusher,mascara,fake eyelash(sometimes) and lip gloss. ;) The most important thing is CONTACT LENS!

Well,just a random post for today.

Times to chase my favourite series!谈情说案The Mysteries of Love finally release the last 5 episod! Hou gan jiong ahhhhh~~~~~~~~

The fact of me ♥

I could like to do a survey,for all of you who know me through net or we are friends in real life.

What is your opinion when first you know me? Babuu told me,at first when he be friend with me,he thought i'm those mean girl,means like not easy to get close or be friend. But after he knew me more and our friendship getting closer,he find out i'm just like others ordinary girl. ;) Seriously,i'm just an ordinary girl,nothing different between me with others girls. I have two eyes,one nose,one mouth and two ears. That's all! Agree? Some of my friend told me,i look conceited, some of them told me that i looked cool,some of them think that I'm unfriendly. ="( I'm very talkative,well in addition,i'm crazy and funny. (hmm..i think so?) LOL.

Well,if you know me from real life for few years,i mean my secondary school's friend or even my hometown bestie,they knew that last time i were a chubby girl.
Tummy,rough thigh,thick arm. Well,in conclusion i'm not skinny type. I'm so so so envy those girls who having a skinny body size and no matter what they eat or drink,their body size don't even will split any fat. I started my on diet plan from last year,i were 17 years old that time.The purpose that i slim down is want to fit different types of clothes,dress,skirts or pants. I hate it when i can't fit in the shirt that i like or it's look fat on me. SHIT! So,i used two and half months to slim down 10kg,omg i still remember how "scary" of my diet plan. Conclusion,it's over and now i satisfied with my body? LOL. :-P

Da rang,below are the simple facts about me :)

Love me and respect me as friend,then i will do the same way as you did.
I love shopping,but i hate "window shopping" when i have no money to buy it.
I love my babuu,and nothing can change my love for him. Conclusion,i'm loyal. xD
I speak cantonese and mandarin in real life. *I know i have ang-mo look,but i love chinese more then others language*
I love my familly and friends,especially my parents. They are very important to me.
I prefer to be cry alone inside my room then express it to others ppl.
I'm easily get touch,especially my babuu.
I ALWAYS look older then my actual age!
I can sing well. *in chinese LOL*
I have tanned skin,but i love myself as this way.

There's still more about the fact of mine.
But just,not everything can said out easily? XD

Thursday, June 24, 2010


My mood is sooooooooooooooooooo fucking down. Okay,i love to be straight forward. I know is my fault to absent many classes for the subject beverage studies, and the fucking suck reason is because i'm overslept. Every night before i sleep,i will set my hp alarm wake up at 6am. But lastly,i still late or even overslept until the class is finished.

After that,my team members out me from their assignment group team. Well,i'm angry and dissapointed. But i knew it's my fault,i can't blame anyone else. You guys did this to me,i understand. But still,damn sad and down. That's my sentiment,i am a HUMAN BEING,i have my own feeling. I dare to admit,everything is my fault. I know i'm useless,and what you guys decided is the right decision.

I would like to apologize to all my friends,if i ever did anything that make you guys beh song or unhappy,i said sorry. Sorry to everyone. This is my sincere apologize.

... why u guys never inform me when you guys decide to out me from the teams? Why i will get this news from other people,but not from both of you? I can respect your decision,but why can't both of you respect my feeling? So what is the point at the last? If there is no one inform me about this,then izzit when the time need to submit assignment ,i just will knew that i'm being out from the group without any inform by both of you?

I have nothing else can said anymore. Speechless. _l_

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Addicted to Queen's BOOK ♥♥♥

Ignore my fugly picture above,the smile look weird. Goshh. Anyway,credits to Maggie.
My fringe getting longer,so i try a new style with it,i split it to middle and make it become like this. But it seems like the hairstyle is not in middle. LOL Anyway,izzit nice? Babuu said i look weirdo. I were like OMG izzit? *little tiny mention : it was yesterday picture.* I have my English Intermediate Programme final exam today. Well,the exam started at 9.30 and i were late,again i'm oversleep . I late for 10 minutes,luckily when i step in classroom they were just started exam. Exam ran smoothly at the last and i think i can answer well? LOL. =='''

Finish exam,small party for our English Intermediate Class students at 12.00pm. Everyone have to paid rm10 for it. I don't feel like to join the party because for me,rm10 can eat much more better,cheaper and delicious meal. Lastly i'm still go to the party as well.

And this,finally i get this. omg Omg OMG! Queen's second book,我是女王2,那些坏男人教我的事. My fren present it to me,as a belated birthday present. Sorry of the bad quality of the picture. But i really do recommend to all females,no matter who you are,this book really worth you to buy as long as you can read chinese LOL. Queen,she is really awesome! Her passage really does encourage every single ladies,no matter you are in a relationship,break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend,divorce,or even being single all the times and no confident at yourself,once you read Queen's book,you won't regret! Even guys also admire and agree her passage. To know her more,kindly click the below link.

Click to visit Queen's Blog

Queen's first book name :我是女王,那些好女孩不懂的事.
*i've read* THUMBS UP!

Comment from net friends and readers that read Queen's books :
> 现在有很多讨论两性的书籍,但是我敢说,女王所写的绝对是最贴切、最真实的。这本书可以让人感 动,也可以让人会心一笑。最重要的是,看完之后会想再看第二遍、第三遍,心情不好时看,是一种安慰,心情好更要看,因为会让人充满活力!别人想要借去看?不好意思,这是本值得收藏一辈子的好书,请自己掏钱去买吧!- Mi 小米

> 如果你当初来不及参与女王的【第一次高潮】,那就千万不能再错过《我是女王》第二发!女王让我觉得身为女人真好,我单身!我很快乐! -Vanilla

> 单看书名时心想: 【怎么会有人自称女王?】翻开书后,你将自愿臣服于她辛辣不失诙谐的文字之下!- whitecat12122

These are 5++++ comments from Queen's readers and net fans and these 3 comments is only take from the 5 millions readers' comments ,so what do you waiting for? Go get it at your nearest bookstore!

Monday, June 21, 2010






Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father Day

Happy Father Day to all Daddy in this world,especially to my lovely and cutie daddy. ;) Although i'm not beside you and celebrate with you,but still my heart with you and mummy.

Today i woke up at 11 something,call daddy and greet daddy HAPPY FATHER DAY. In the coincidence time grandpa is beside daddy too,so that i wish both of them in the same time. Save my time to call two times to both of them,one stone two birds. After that,i call my my kai pa wish him too. We talk for a few minutes,then end call because i'm just left less credits. In addition,I'm lack of sleeping,so i end call and throw my hp to side and continue my sleeping journey. Until 3 something just woke up and find my babuu. <3

I felt that my life is sooooooooo unhappening. Gosh! Babuu has been outstation,i will go find him at August. *wink* So "Back to Sabah Trip" that actually i had plan at August is going to be cancel =x I'm sorry to all my Sabah friends,but i promise i will be back at the next coming holiday after my August Sem Break. Don't hate me please XD

Seriously,i miss Sabah alot
. I miss my cats,i miss my parents,i miss my church and church friends,i miss my buddies,i miss Yoyo Cafe,i miss Upperstar,i miss alot alot of stuff in KK. I don't care,i will go back and go for them. Sabah! wait for me!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first photo shooting at KL

Da rang! Just like wat show at above pic,today i having my first photo shooting since I come KL for a few months. Reached Sungai Wang Starbuck at 10am,with rushing breathe and sweat,and luckily my make up has not gone yet. Finished at 2 sumthing,then we went to Pavilion Starbuck yumcha and has a discussion at our today's photo. Phewww.

Well,i haven't intro my photographer today. He is ........Cyrus!! Give him a big clap!! We done a great job today. =) And i have received a few picture that Cyrus upload to facebook,i love the picture but i'm not really like the tone that edited. But still,respect what he has done. :) Every photographer has their own style. Owh well,i waiting him to send me the original one. There are quite a lot of pic waiting. :)

After finish photo shooting,i went home. As usual,i took lrt back home. When reached home almost 4.30pm,then take a short break,online then start my daily activies. Fb,msn and twitter *wink* and of cours,chat with my babuu. weeeee~

Then,i start creating my new blog.
I mean the blog that i'm using right now. :)
Pheww~ finally im done,but it still under "construction". So it might be empty and less thingy right now. But no worries,will be updated daily if i'm free. :P

Well,i'm going to have my movie later
. The singapore movie name BEING HUMAN做人,i think it will be nice since some of my frens ever intro abt this movie.


The new home :)

Dear all,finally has been move to here. Sorry for bring alot of inconvenience to u all.
To all my bloggie friends,readers and friends
,pls relink me and continue enjoy my journey at here.

Well,everything that belongs to past is past.
At the new home,everything is new,everything has to start over.
But all the happy and best memories that we all have go through,
will forever store in my heart.
Hope you guys will keep support me.

So,stay tune. ;)
I will come back soon.

Have a nice day.

Best wishes,
Nelly regards.