Friday, October 26, 2012

The End of My Diploma Study Life

Finally, the last semester of mine has come to the end. Why 3 years passed so fast, I don't wish to end so fast. I'm going to miss my buddies so fast. So much fun, tears, happiness, laughter, anger and sadness, but our friendship getting closer and closer day by day. After the final exam, all of us will go to fight for our career. It's really hard  for me to find besties who really understand me, tolerance with me, help me, encourage me, support me and love me. Grrgh i really don't wish to leave you all! :'(

Lunch time with them One Chef Restaurant, 玩味小厨.

                                                       Pls ignore my nude and pale face. 
                                                                   It's fugly i knew. :(

The best thing i love to do is pinch her face! 
Chubby Maggie! ;D

Felicia and Baby Boy.

Golden Sunrise Spare Ribs Rice as lunch. 

笨珍云吞汤 ( Pontian Wantan Restaurant)
my favorite 

Seriously, I don't wish to separate with you all. :'( 
But i knew, all the memories we went through before will stay in my heart forever. 

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