Thursday, June 24, 2010


My mood is sooooooooooooooooooo fucking down. Okay,i love to be straight forward. I know is my fault to absent many classes for the subject beverage studies, and the fucking suck reason is because i'm overslept. Every night before i sleep,i will set my hp alarm wake up at 6am. But lastly,i still late or even overslept until the class is finished.

After that,my team members out me from their assignment group team. Well,i'm angry and dissapointed. But i knew it's my fault,i can't blame anyone else. You guys did this to me,i understand. But still,damn sad and down. That's my sentiment,i am a HUMAN BEING,i have my own feeling. I dare to admit,everything is my fault. I know i'm useless,and what you guys decided is the right decision.

I would like to apologize to all my friends,if i ever did anything that make you guys beh song or unhappy,i said sorry. Sorry to everyone. This is my sincere apologize.

... why u guys never inform me when you guys decide to out me from the teams? Why i will get this news from other people,but not from both of you? I can respect your decision,but why can't both of you respect my feeling? So what is the point at the last? If there is no one inform me about this,then izzit when the time need to submit assignment ,i just will knew that i'm being out from the group without any inform by both of you?

I have nothing else can said anymore. Speechless. _l_

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