Friday, June 25, 2010

The fact of me ♥

I could like to do a survey,for all of you who know me through net or we are friends in real life.

What is your opinion when first you know me? Babuu told me,at first when he be friend with me,he thought i'm those mean girl,means like not easy to get close or be friend. But after he knew me more and our friendship getting closer,he find out i'm just like others ordinary girl. ;) Seriously,i'm just an ordinary girl,nothing different between me with others girls. I have two eyes,one nose,one mouth and two ears. That's all! Agree? Some of my friend told me,i look conceited, some of them told me that i looked cool,some of them think that I'm unfriendly. ="( I'm very talkative,well in addition,i'm crazy and funny. (hmm..i think so?) LOL.

Well,if you know me from real life for few years,i mean my secondary school's friend or even my hometown bestie,they knew that last time i were a chubby girl.
Tummy,rough thigh,thick arm. Well,in conclusion i'm not skinny type. I'm so so so envy those girls who having a skinny body size and no matter what they eat or drink,their body size don't even will split any fat. I started my on diet plan from last year,i were 17 years old that time.The purpose that i slim down is want to fit different types of clothes,dress,skirts or pants. I hate it when i can't fit in the shirt that i like or it's look fat on me. SHIT! So,i used two and half months to slim down 10kg,omg i still remember how "scary" of my diet plan. Conclusion,it's over and now i satisfied with my body? LOL. :-P

Da rang,below are the simple facts about me :)

Love me and respect me as friend,then i will do the same way as you did.
I love shopping,but i hate "window shopping" when i have no money to buy it.
I love my babuu,and nothing can change my love for him. Conclusion,i'm loyal. xD
I speak cantonese and mandarin in real life. *I know i have ang-mo look,but i love chinese more then others language*
I love my familly and friends,especially my parents. They are very important to me.
I prefer to be cry alone inside my room then express it to others ppl.
I'm easily get touch,especially my babuu.
I ALWAYS look older then my actual age!
I can sing well. *in chinese LOL*
I have tanned skin,but i love myself as this way.

There's still more about the fact of mine.
But just,not everything can said out easily? XD


  1. i dont think u r respecting friends sometimes.. u r friendly at first but i think u r tryng to be for the sake of maintaining yr so call friendly reputation!

  2. Hi valerie,thank you for your comment as well. But,i hope u understand,if you don't know me at real life as my real life friend,pls don't simply judge me by your own opinion.

    You don't like me,its okay,non of my business.
    Same,I won't try to make you to like me.

    Love me or hate me,it's still an obsession. :)

  3. 25, 2010 at 7:51 PM

    Seems like Valerie is jealous of you or misunderstood u.

    Valerie, before you make any comments, make sure you are 100% sure of the facts because you can't take back what you said.