Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's totally shit.

I have waited for 1 month,and now finally.. God! Finally i've been received DiGi inform msg that my payment has been ready. There is only one sentence that i would like to shout loudly,i'm f*cking pissed off their payment efficient.

Well,let me overall the story. Someday around middle of May,my ex housemate asked me whether i'm interested to work as DiGi Promoter or not because his friend not able to go for work because of emergency matter. At first i don't feel like accept this job because of the ridiculous weather. It's really hot! But after i think twice,if i go for it,at least i can earn some pocket money as per day RM170,excluded dinner. So at last i go for it.

Okay,to be honest,work as DiGi Promoter quite relaxed because we have nothing to do. Just join the soccer games to be goal keeper and have fun with the people. 9.30pm we have finish our work and back home. But not every event or activites they made are relax,just maybe i'm lucky that i'm just work at that day. After finish my work,i take lrt back home.

Before i accept this job,i ever asked my housemate when will they paid the salary for us. Then he said will be received at the coming Sunday. Okay,so then i wait. Few days,i received one of the agent sms,she request for my bank account and full name,okay then i give her,and i had made a double confirmation with her. She said the salary will be out either is this week or next week. Then i try to be an understanding girl,i said okay then greet thanks.

After the two weeks have pass,but i still haven't received my salary. Then i try to sms the agent in the nice and polite way,she never reply my msg. I called her,she didn't pick up. The same situation keep repeated till last week,i really beh tahan,i msg her and sounds heavy tone,but not bad words or impolite way. Can you imagine u wait for almost one month and she never reply or call back you? If you are me,what is your feeling? And finally,she replied my msg and ask me refer to another person for the payment issues. From that moment,i promise to myself i won't accept any DiGi Promoter job anymore! Never and NEVER!

Okay,this is not the main point. Read below the words has been ITALIC.

22nd of June,i received the woman agent's msg :

" Digi Bola Paycheque is ready. Come collect it from our office from 12pm onwards today. (We DO NOT do bank-ins or pay cash). Look for Christine. Here's the address : #6 M-floor, plaza damansara, medan setia 2,bkt damansara, 50490 KL. (same row as Domino's,public bank and deustches gasthaus) call 03-2094 4545 if you need direction. Again,thousand apologies for the delay of payment. Loves, Darynne. "

Okay,you guys get what is the main point?

First :
WTF! Your office is located at Damansara?!
Do you know it's really super damn far from KL?
And one more thing, there is no any transport can reach there except CAB!
Walao,do you know if take CAB it's cost alot and expensive?

Second :
How come the cheque is not bank in for us?
This is my first time to know that the big company asked for their worker
to go to damn far area there is no transport available
for their worker to reach there and get their cheque.

It's totally shit.

In conclusion,i still don't know what and how is the best way to go there and get my cheque.
Any good idea or suggestions for me? :-(

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