Friday, June 25, 2010

The "real" me :-P


Okay,ignore my messy room
. As u guys see at above pic,it's me! The most natural and non make up face. Yeah i know that i have big difference between make up and non make up. I bet every girls have the same situation like me,i mean without make up and after make up. Hope my non make up face is not scary till you all can't recognize who am i. LOL

Let's see the picture after i put on make up at my face. Big difference right?

Okay what i've done at my face? Well,as simple as usually what girls use for their make up,e.g : BB cream,concealer,eye shadow,eye liner,blusher,mascara,fake eyelash(sometimes) and lip gloss. ;) The most important thing is CONTACT LENS!

Well,just a random post for today.

Times to chase my favourite series!谈情说案The Mysteries of Love finally release the last 5 episod! Hou gan jiong ahhhhh~~~~~~~~

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