Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Addicted to Queen's BOOK ♥♥♥

Ignore my fugly picture above,the smile look weird. Goshh. Anyway,credits to Maggie.
My fringe getting longer,so i try a new style with it,i split it to middle and make it become like this. But it seems like the hairstyle is not in middle. LOL Anyway,izzit nice? Babuu said i look weirdo. I were like OMG izzit? *little tiny mention : it was yesterday picture.* I have my English Intermediate Programme final exam today. Well,the exam started at 9.30 and i were late,again i'm oversleep . I late for 10 minutes,luckily when i step in classroom they were just started exam. Exam ran smoothly at the last and i think i can answer well? LOL. =='''

Finish exam,small party for our English Intermediate Class students at 12.00pm. Everyone have to paid rm10 for it. I don't feel like to join the party because for me,rm10 can eat much more better,cheaper and delicious meal. Lastly i'm still go to the party as well.

And this,finally i get this. omg Omg OMG! Queen's second book,我是女王2,那些坏男人教我的事. My fren present it to me,as a belated birthday present. Sorry of the bad quality of the picture. But i really do recommend to all females,no matter who you are,this book really worth you to buy as long as you can read chinese LOL. Queen,she is really awesome! Her passage really does encourage every single ladies,no matter you are in a relationship,break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend,divorce,or even being single all the times and no confident at yourself,once you read Queen's book,you won't regret! Even guys also admire and agree her passage. To know her more,kindly click the below link.

Click to visit Queen's Blog

Queen's first book name :我是女王,那些好女孩不懂的事.
*i've read* THUMBS UP!

Comment from net friends and readers that read Queen's books :
> 现在有很多讨论两性的书籍,但是我敢说,女王所写的绝对是最贴切、最真实的。这本书可以让人感 动,也可以让人会心一笑。最重要的是,看完之后会想再看第二遍、第三遍,心情不好时看,是一种安慰,心情好更要看,因为会让人充满活力!别人想要借去看?不好意思,这是本值得收藏一辈子的好书,请自己掏钱去买吧!- Mi 小米

> 如果你当初来不及参与女王的【第一次高潮】,那就千万不能再错过《我是女王》第二发!女王让我觉得身为女人真好,我单身!我很快乐! -Vanilla

> 单看书名时心想: 【怎么会有人自称女王?】翻开书后,你将自愿臣服于她辛辣不失诙谐的文字之下!- whitecat12122

These are 5++++ comments from Queen's readers and net fans and these 3 comments is only take from the 5 millions readers' comments ,so what do you waiting for? Go get it at your nearest bookstore!

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