Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You always on my mind. :)

This is a random post, will be long and sensibility. 

* A very long time ago pic  seems like 2 or 3 years ago. :) *

Just nw evening, i received her husband msg, telling me she have give birth! I am so happy, and I'm Thank God that both of them, mummy and baby are safe and healthy. God, thank you for blessing them. :)

In a sudden received her latest news, i miss her. Every memories with her is keep rolling in my mind. I remember everything about us, we have fun together, we crazy together, we laugh tgt, we used to satire each other in a funny way, not serious but in a joking way, we sharing and we keep each other secrets, we going for our very first photoshooting with my mum's photographer friends, we club together, . 

I know her when both of us are JUST only 4 years old. So coincidence and wonderful, both of us are born at May. Guess what? She's just born earlier than me 6 days. :-)  How glad and grateful am i can met a bestie such like you. Eventhough we are not always hang out with each other, but you always in my mind. 

One more thing, she love to call my nick! One is, 雷公的雷,泥土的泥. i guess u guys dont understand why she calling me like that, because its almost same pronounciation with my chinese name. Another one is, Niao Li. why? Because my english is Nelly, and idk why alot of church friends like to call me Niao Li. Niao = bird in chinese, am i look like a bird? Lmao

Okay let's show you how siao is she, lol :  ( The pictures after photo shooting)

* Okay at first, a swee smile. :) *

 *The next, she try to prove that she's cute
and.. err.. sexy? LOL *

 * Finally there's the siao-est her came out..
Wondering what kind of expression is this? lol *

The most memorable day is, we went for Kundasang 3 days 2 nights trip with your parents. I feel happy and i still remember i having a short and curly hair like a mushroom that time! And one more, still remember there is one day, i went to your house for overnight. In the midnight both of us hungry and we get some supper at refrigerator. We found some siu mai and we steam it, and the next day been scold by your mum. One more time, there's a girl insulting me but then i never offended her, i guess u still remember her, SUSHI, you help me spam her blog chatbox until she close her blog, remember? There's alot of fun we have, but i can't list out because we have too much secret. :-P

Yes, we are only 19, and she's just became mummy! Her baby boy just born to the world. I know there's alot of ppl at outside keep backstabbed her, despise at her, critical about her because when she married she is pregnant-ing. I don't understand why people was like so surprised about this? Nowadays should be very common what.  Everyone will do wrong, no one is born to be virtue. Yes i admit that I'm surprised too when i got the news she marry soon, i was like WTF so rush? Then slowly i guess i know what happen, but even like that, i still choose to be silent and don't comment anything. I will support her, she need support, she need more caring and love at that moments. Don't tell me you never did anything wrong before, i will chop my head if u said loudly NO.  I believe God will have his arrangement on her and her future, i believe this. :) Sometimes, this might is her turning point in her life that God want her to learn? 

Rumors would stop spread by a wise person, in chinese is 谣言止于智者. 

I'm not trying to said she's totally not wrong at all, she's wrong, and that's why she have to responsible at what she had did and together work hard with her husband. I was so regretful that i am not able to join her wedding because i having practical exam at here. :(  I was like keep missing her and imagine how's the wedding running at there and facing my laptop here. The feeling is sucks, fml. 

Last time when we have a chat at msn, you told me that your baby is a cutie boy, i was like arrghh :( I want baby girl because we can dress up pretty pretty and like a little princess for your daughter. *seems like mine one LOL* You know lah, girls have a lot and different types of pretty outfit, but too bad is a he. :( Anyway, i still will sayang him. Vera children is going to call me Kai Ma, in chinese*evil laugh*! 

My bestie Vera, I hope you will always be happy! Remember, now become mummy cannot be playful like last time. I will always be here for you eventhough i'm far away from you now. But i know there are alot of ppl love you, God love you, your parents love you, Jun Lin love you, i love you, the friends who surrounds you and treat you with true heart love you. Please remember do take care yourself always, because you still have to take care of your little warm family.

The most important is, you must love God and love your parents more and more. They have put alot of efforts and expectation on you, you are their only daughter, they only have you this precious daughter at their life, the biggest gift from God. 

There's one thing i never told you before, i love to watch you when you're playing piano. I remember very long time ago, you having your piano presentation at a hall, but i forget where is it. That time i was only like 5, 6 or 7 like that, when i saw you at stage, i was like so excited and proud of you! That time i keep wave my hand at you, but you are playing piano so thats why you can't respond me but you saw it. :) 

My little girl bestie, remember, you always on my mind