Friday, November 9, 2012

ETC Malaysia Magazine, Boooo on you!

Hey guys, just last month i bet you guys realized my facebook and twitter keep on promoting and pull votes from my facebook friends for the Miss Soleil Search from ETC Malaysia Magazine? 

At first, i was joined for fun because the guy who set up a booth at my college was approach me and ask me go for a try at this search. So i was like " Okay, why not give myself a try? " I succeed to get into top 10, and this search is request daily votes! Can you guys imagine how annoying was this right? I have to approach all my friends from facebook and ask for their votes, and i really scare i lost my friends because they find me too annoying. Luckily they didn't remove me from facebook lol.

So came to the dateline of top 10 search, i admitted that i have try my best to do everything i can. And i found out that the top 10 search was still there, ( which mean they never remove the competition on the web and prepare for the next round, imagine how efficient and effective of them. ) But it was nothing for me so i just ignored it, after a few days, i received a call from a girl name Fong that informed me I have been elected as one of the top 5, and she request me to come to their office to interview. I got presentation on that day, and because of this presentation I purposely rush immediately after my presentation and go to the place by taxi because I don't know that place which located at Dataran Prima.

The main point was here!!! Keep on reading!!

When i was there, the editor of ETC Malaysia - Jason Kwong who is the one interviewed me and pass me his name card. They inform me that the video that all the top 5 finalist will be uploaded and share on their website , and there will be another one more last voting session for all the top 5 again. So i was thinking that " Oh man, i need to ask friends to vote daily again? omfg " But i didn't sound out anything because it was at least a fair competition for us. That girl Fong told me her area was convenient to get a cab to back but end up me and my friends who accompanied me go there has wait almost half hour to get a taxi! #FML

But, when i got back and after a week, i browsed through their website and never see any updated on their website, and guess what, the top 10 selection was still there? FUNNY right? Then I'm giving them and myself an excuse that perhaps they are busy so will be upload later.

Two weeks gone, three weeks gone, still nothing. And suddenly?!!! DAAAA RANNGGG!


I really dissapointed at the search that ETC MALAYSIA has did! I got nothing with the winners, but the main issue is why they wanna waste my time and money to go there?! If you guys really can't make it, then don't simply simply invite people go there and interview and at last got nothing? I just hope that at least you guys can give me a good explaination! It was so unprofessional,inefficient and ineffective!

Boooo on you ETC Malaysia Magazine! You lost a reader like me, perhaps it might be nothing for you? I glad that i knew the true color of this magazine.

For those whoever wanna join the next Miss Soleil Search, think twice and good luck! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

The End of My Diploma Study Life

Finally, the last semester of mine has come to the end. Why 3 years passed so fast, I don't wish to end so fast. I'm going to miss my buddies so fast. So much fun, tears, happiness, laughter, anger and sadness, but our friendship getting closer and closer day by day. After the final exam, all of us will go to fight for our career. It's really hard  for me to find besties who really understand me, tolerance with me, help me, encourage me, support me and love me. Grrgh i really don't wish to leave you all! :'(

Lunch time with them One Chef Restaurant, 玩味小厨.

                                                       Pls ignore my nude and pale face. 
                                                                   It's fugly i knew. :(

The best thing i love to do is pinch her face! 
Chubby Maggie! ;D

Felicia and Baby Boy.

Golden Sunrise Spare Ribs Rice as lunch. 

笨珍云吞汤 ( Pontian Wantan Restaurant)
my favorite 

Seriously, I don't wish to separate with you all. :'( 
But i knew, all the memories we went through before will stay in my heart forever. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Baby Goldie Show-Up

*puff puff* 
Too much dusts here on my blog. It been a long long time ago since i updated my blog. 

Just got my new baby camera Samsung ST100 few days ago, *Nay its an older model camera!* 
I knew some people might got the same taught, i actually wanted to purchase the latest model MV800 / DV300F, but i did comparisons between the three models, and i found out that ST100 is much more better and higher quality than the two latest camera models. 

Say hi to goldie! 

After got my baby, I can't wait to try for it! So i went for a date with baby boy on the Saturday night. 
At first i actually look for Charlie Brown Cafe (Snoopy Cafe) but unfortunately the concierge officer inform it was closed, sigh never got a chance to try for it. 
End up we decided to go for Ben's.

Spaghettini Carbonara for me. :)

Baby boy's Traditional Fish & Chips. 

Garden Spritz taste really good! ;)

Baby boy go for Apple Elderflower Freeze and he loves it!

We decided to continue the dessert session at somewhere else, and baby boy bring me to Haaegen-Dazs. 
I'm still full, can't manage to finish all. 


CEO Sing-K with buddies! Nothing much special, just photo sessions with them. 

All my lovely classmates. 

Baby boy, Maggie and Me. 

I'm still singing on the half way and they asked me to join their crazy part!

With Baby Boy.

Why with that face Maggie and Jason?o.O

At last, what's the best part of using SAMSUNG camera?
Self-Portrait! *chi-chak* 

Photos quality low because of the unprofessional hand-shake, 
but still i love both these photos! 

Thank you reading! ;-) Have a good night.