Friday, January 6, 2012

A long post for my own study life in Berjaya University College of Hospitality.

I'm not come from a rich family, just an ordinary family. I flew from my hometown to study at Berjaya University College of Hospitality, all is because this college can give me a warm and friendly environment. But getting longer to study at here, i'm getting sad and dissapointed at this college.

From the first few sem, i don't put 100 percent effort on my work, assignment and exam. In all the lecturer who ever teach me, they all know that i'm just a problem student, i always absent class, assignment rely on my team members to help me complete and i'm just do some easy part, and u guys can know how "good" is my result was. My gpa won't over 2.0, and my cgpa is only 1 point something. So at the 2nd semester, PTPTN stop my study loan as because my cgpa not over 2.0. So my parent have to work very hard to support on my study, i knew they try their best, doing installment at my fees, but still i got a lot of outstanding fees. 

Come to the end of every semester, college won't allow me to get my exam docket as they request me to settle my outstanding, and my outstanding fees which is 10k plus. How should they expected my dad can paid 10k plus in one time? So my dad try to have a talk with them, at last they request my dad to pay 2k and they will release my exam docket to me. After few sems experienced a same case, I know i shouldn't be like this anymore, i should work very hard to get a good result so that PTPTN will continue provide me study loan. Because of my outstanding fees, college is not allow me to get my result slip. I don't understand why, i mean ya i know this is their system and rules, but anything related to my study? When i went to the lobby, the officer will always repeat me the same sentence " Nelly you are not allowed to get your result slip until u settle all your outstanding fees. "I feel very sad, but at least I can get to know my result on the student website. Come to the 6th sem, finally i success to get a good result on my last semester, which is the 5th sem, i checked it from the older version website, webapp that one. I feel very very happy because at last i did it. But after received the news from college that the result is not accurate yet, i wait. Until the day college announced that the result is out, student is allow to check on the new website.  I know that i won't get my result slip as usual, so I directly check my result on the website, unfortunely even the website I also can't check my result, they barred me from the website, so even the only way i can check my website also lost, what should I do? At least I got the right to know my result right? 

Maybe u guys will think that, why don't I defer semester and continue at the next semester, I did have this thought before, but my dad hope I can continue study, he ask me not to worry about the fees, he will settle himself. What he want from me, is concentrate at my study and get a good result. I did it Dad! I'm very proud to said that I really did it! 

So when i knew i can't check the website, I went to my college Financial Department to check with them. As i knew my dad just paid his installment to college. And the financial officer was talk so loud and seems like she want to let every students to heard abt it, " You don't even settle your outstanding fees, how can i release result to u? " And that time, there are a lot of students at there and everyone is looking at me. How embarrasing is that? I feel like crying that time, why I can't even know my result? Why? My father did paid to the fees to u, but just we are slower and the amount is not much, but at least we try very best to pay to u. So after she said this to me, I smile and said " Then can u try to help me check my result first? At least I hope to know my result. " And she replied me " Ya I will check, but now u know i'm busy, I will check later,  somemore u don't paid for your fees, you wait lah. " I smile, said thank you, and walk away.

The world is mean, the people is mean. Only strong can live. 

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  1. Hey Nelly, its a very touching story between you, your dad and your fam. And I feel happy that you have turned the corner around, pushing yourself hard to achieve what needs to be accomplished.

    The world has always been like that since it is moved by money. Fact is, some people can be very rude, inconsiderate and mean, but there are still few, whom are nice.

    Whatever it is, look at the positive side. You have made your dad proud, you have not failed those that placed their hopes on you.. and you know what? From how you react to that rude finance official, heck, you are Strong! Strong as a right human being! And definitely you should be proud of your own achievement!

    Smile, like your post mentioned! Those people are only mean to themselves. You just show pity on them :)