Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father Day

Happy Father Day to all Daddy in this world,especially to my lovely and cutie daddy. ;) Although i'm not beside you and celebrate with you,but still my heart with you and mummy.

Today i woke up at 11 something,call daddy and greet daddy HAPPY FATHER DAY. In the coincidence time grandpa is beside daddy too,so that i wish both of them in the same time. Save my time to call two times to both of them,one stone two birds. After that,i call my my kai pa wish him too. We talk for a few minutes,then end call because i'm just left less credits. In addition,I'm lack of sleeping,so i end call and throw my hp to side and continue my sleeping journey. Until 3 something just woke up and find my babuu. <3

I felt that my life is sooooooooo unhappening. Gosh! Babuu has been outstation,i will go find him at August. *wink* So "Back to Sabah Trip" that actually i had plan at August is going to be cancel =x I'm sorry to all my Sabah friends,but i promise i will be back at the next coming holiday after my August Sem Break. Don't hate me please XD

Seriously,i miss Sabah alot
. I miss my cats,i miss my parents,i miss my church and church friends,i miss my buddies,i miss Yoyo Cafe,i miss Upperstar,i miss alot alot of stuff in KK. I don't care,i will go back and go for them. Sabah! wait for me!

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