Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello people! ♥

*picture blur, but i love my smile.sowie*

Arghh,hubby said i fat jor. :( Today Joey also said i got small tummy jor.
Gam fei mission ON! oops hubby going to pinch me for not to do it.

Hello my readers, i'm back! Clap clap for my new blog look!! :D Oops no,should be, FINALLY I'M DONE WITH MY BLOG EDIT MISSION! -.-'''

First, i would like to wish all of my precious friends and family, HAPPY 2011 YEAR! okay okay, i know it's kinda late for this. But still, its my sincere wish for all of you who reading my blog now. May your wishes come true and all the best in new year! Oh yeah, the most important is, please keep follow my blog. teehee. I know i'm a failure blogger b'coz i'm so lazy to update. xD promise i will be improve myself in this year. xoxo

Nothing special about me recently. No christmas celebration and count-down celebration. :( Hubby is busy at work,but he promised he will celebrate with me next time. Bou fan shou! :-D oh yeah, at least i'm happy abit b'coz he will celebrate with me soon. blerk :-P

Today went to college, awwh i'm so f*cking miss my college, coursemates and classmates. Since i got 1 month Sem-Break. I met some new friends, worked for KLIMS fair promoters, eat drink play sleep is what I had did in this sem break.

I dye my hair to dark brown colour. teehee. alot of friends said its look better and nicer. okay in conclusion, i don't really suit to blonde hair, even i got a guai mui look, but still dark brown hair is nicer and look elegant at me. LMAO i'm praising myself. lalala.

I love my tee, purchased from SUB!

T-shirt is my favourite outfit for college day!

My mp3 non stop playing for this few songs.

A Lin 黄丽玲 - 给我一个理由忘记

A Lin 黄丽玲 - 寂寞不痛

倪安东 - 散场的拥抱

倪安东 - Sorry That I Loved You

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