Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Semester 2, PDS presentation.

My second semester has been started since last week, i promised to myself I must study hard and smart. I can't and I won't repeat the same mistake that I have did last sem.

The 4 subjects for this sem :

- Basic Pastry & Baking ( Ms Sharifah )
- Malaysian Studies ( Mr Warren )
- Personal Development Skills ( Ms Elizabeth )
- Understanding Food & Beverage Operations ( Chef Loke KK & Mr Joykin )

This sem,i will be start my practical class inside kitchen!! I am sooooo excited!! I'm gonna learn cutting, cooking, serve customers & guests. And of course the pastry and baking class. :-D

The reason that I interested and excited to go for UFBO and Basic Pastry & Baking class is because of after i learn all of these, I wanna cook for my hubby and of course for our kids at future. I wanna be a good mummy and wife!

I ever met Ms Elizabeth in Personal Development Skill class, woa she's rock and she's awesome. I do impress her! Somemore she's from Hong Kong and she told us actually education is not her industry. There is alot of interesting and nice story from her.

Okay, now until Malaysian Studies! Well at first I don't like this subject at all. Because said it in simple way, Malaysian Studies = History! And i can predict that I will be feel sleepy and yawning inside the class. But when i step in class, and i realized I'm wrong. Mr Warren is the most sporting lecturer i ever met until now. First, he allowed all his students bring snacks, foods and drinks to his class. He is cool and he dislike his student yawning inside his class. He told us must be cover our mouth when we yawning, if he catch us yawn without cover mouth, aha! U going to heard him nagging u inside class. But, he really is a funny and nice lecturer! :-D

The below short passage is for you guys :

Siew Yen,
Kang Yew,
Mei Jin,
Jason Wee.

And finally today i have done my presentation for PDS. My tears run out and cry so badly in front of others while I doing my presentation. I drew a bird, resting at a tree and look at sky. The bird is me. As my classmates, you guys should already know what i have presented just now. So sorry for my uncontrolled tears. And, thank God for non stop blessing me for have all of you as my classmates. I do appreciate all of you. In addition, i would like to apologize to all of you if i ever did or said something that hurt your feeling. And, i'm not good in express my grateful to you all. So, i do really hope we will stay in the same class until we finish our diploma course.

Thanks alot, my buddies. :D

You bright my life.


  1. where is my wife de name? you forget her a?

  2. oops! ya hor! psps. i forget put her name ><