Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Baby Goldie Show-Up

*puff puff* 
Too much dusts here on my blog. It been a long long time ago since i updated my blog. 

Just got my new baby camera Samsung ST100 few days ago, *Nay its an older model camera!* 
I knew some people might got the same taught, i actually wanted to purchase the latest model MV800 / DV300F, but i did comparisons between the three models, and i found out that ST100 is much more better and higher quality than the two latest camera models. 

Say hi to goldie! 

After got my baby, I can't wait to try for it! So i went for a date with baby boy on the Saturday night. 
At first i actually look for Charlie Brown Cafe (Snoopy Cafe) but unfortunately the concierge officer inform it was closed, sigh never got a chance to try for it. 
End up we decided to go for Ben's.

Spaghettini Carbonara for me. :)

Baby boy's Traditional Fish & Chips. 

Garden Spritz taste really good! ;)

Baby boy go for Apple Elderflower Freeze and he loves it!

We decided to continue the dessert session at somewhere else, and baby boy bring me to Haaegen-Dazs. 
I'm still full, can't manage to finish all. 


CEO Sing-K with buddies! Nothing much special, just photo sessions with them. 

All my lovely classmates. 

Baby boy, Maggie and Me. 

I'm still singing on the half way and they asked me to join their crazy part!

With Baby Boy.

Why with that face Maggie and Jason?o.O

At last, what's the best part of using SAMSUNG camera?
Self-Portrait! *chi-chak* 

Photos quality low because of the unprofessional hand-shake, 
but still i love both these photos! 

Thank you reading! ;-) Have a good night. 

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