Thursday, September 30, 2010

New contact lens + fake eyelash sharing

Last week ordered lens frm Chuckei, Saturday went to Maybank bank in for her. Finally today i received my lens! :-D I wanted to buy this kind of lens since long time but always waste money to buy other unnecessary stuff. :S so until now just change to new lens.

Okay, stop crap. Back to our main point. :-)

Yesh!! My new lens :-D

And this is the effect that i wear my new lovely lens :-P

P/S : Non edited pic ;-)

Does it look adorable and natural? Let's see another one with close up picha! :-D

Close up lens picha, does it seriously look nice?
Ignore my panda eyes and thick eyebrow. WTF

Somemore its really look natural and you will have your dream barbie doll big eyes!

Interested or love it?

  1. click below link to read full details or purchase frm Chuckei Jane :


The another stuff i wanna share is my fake eyelash!

Look real? :-)
Another natural stuff i love.

Side view, it looks like is my own eyelash!

Im not really love those thick fake eyelash, or should be said, i know how to dress up well and put on suitable make up depends the event or any occasions we went for. Sometimes i shopped at shopping mall, i saw those lala girl put those thick fake eyelash, i wondering izzit they just left from any masquerade. LOL i'm sorry for those who reading my blog's readers are often using fake eyelash when go out. I'm just speak out my own opinion. I'm sorry if i hurt you. :-)

I ever asked a few girls, i mean net friend LOL.

I asked :
Why must you wear thick fake eyelash when go out even is just go for shopping or cafe yumcha?

She answered :
For my eyes look bigger lorh.

then, i was like :
Well girl, who told you that wearing thick fake eyelash = BIG EYES EFFECT? =..=
U don't even know maybe your thick fake eyelash scare ppl away. LOL

So, put suitable make up and dressing well at
different situation and occa
This might help you to enhance your outlook. ;-)


  1. Hi shazhuzhu, yesh i bought it for rm50. :-) Included pos fee.

  2. ooo...okay...itz kinda expensive compared to market price~~ =/

  3. hmm depends yourself lorh. Because usually those market price oso almost same price, and one more thing some of them just only can wear 1 month or 3 months. :-) But this can wear 1 year, but recommended not to wear 1 year as wat chuckei has mentioned at her blog. :-)

  4. I know~ i'm selling lenses too so I noe all details about it..d one i'm selling is exactly d same as urs..juz that d price is a bit...hmm..well...I cant say too much =)

  5. dear.. this lenses i bought rm35 only but not EOS brand.. wuwu.. i think its cost rm50 because of the brand! hehe.. love it n i hunting for the adult lenses

  6. Nelly, where're you bought the fake eyelash?

  7. vern : i bought it at ts 5th floor there. The shop is selling fake eyelash and other cosmetic stuff de :-)

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