Saturday, September 18, 2010

Penang Trip!

Dear bloggies, i'm back! All my precious readers and followers still remember me? Recently i hard to online, coz my laptop have some problem, so damn lag. I promise i will bring my laptop to format and come back catch up with u guys asap. ;-)

15th of September, i have a Penang Trip with my collegemates. This is second times i have my own trip with friends without any adult "take care" us. I love the feeling of travel with friends without any adults control. This is the way i feel freedom. :-D

But of course, i don't mean like ask you must travel with your friends if your parents worried about it. I mean, travel with a few friends is another new experience for yourself! Because there is no one will take care urself, you must know how to save ur wallet money, eat properly and take care yourself secure. But together with friends, we will take care each others. Friendship will get closer. Am i right? :-D

The first day when arrived our hotel,
we separate to two rooms - girls & boys room.

After have a short break, we went to beach.
Awwh my favourite place!

" Sexy back " =P lols!

After that, back to hotel room and take bath. After that went to night market. ;-) Hotel provide shutter bus for us. Bus pick us up at 6.30pm. Unfortunely i haven't receive any of my friends upload the photos when we go pasar malam. so just skip it. :-P i will update at here once i get it. ;-)

The second day, we went to Snake Temple. :-)

We went to Gurney Plaza to shop after finish visit at Snake Temple.

Spot me? :D

Outside of Gurney Plaza.

Finish shopped, we went for our dinner.

we were so full after finished our dinner. :S

Third day, the last day we at Penang.

11 something, we went to the nearest mamak stall to have our breakfast + lunch. Guess how much is one bowl of Tao fu fa? Answer will be show at the below :
Cheng cheng cheng!! Only cost 50 cents :D

After finish our meal, we went to Buddhist Temple. :-)

While waiting others ppl came out frm praying,
shooting times! :-P

After that, we went back to Gurney Plaza's food court to yumcha to waste time. All of us out of battery, no more energy to walk or play anymore.

3 something, we went back to hotel and take our luggage. Then go to Penang Central to wait for our bus.

While waiting for our bus arrive, have the last group photo.
All of us showing the tiring face.

And , this is our Penang Trip! So tiring but enjoyable and awesome! :-D

p/s : all photos credited to Jana & Kang Yew

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