Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy and plenitude life ;)

Dear all, sorry for my delayed post. I'm doing great at here, just getting lazy and lazy to update my blog. =x

Okay, i would like to share to u all my recently news. But seriously nothing special about me. :-) College life getting busy and busy.

Feel like all the things came for me in short time ;
Mid term came to me,
Malaysian Studies assignment due date is coming soon.
Understanding Food & Beverages Operation practical exam coming soon too. FML

Times passed like sarrow. My sem 2 coming to the end, and i hope that i will getting mature and mature day by day. GBM! :-D

7 more days, will be going back my hometown. :-D

Well, i heard some random rumours and gossip from some brainless human being.

Listen people, i never did any plastic surgery at my face before.

This is the funniest and silly rumours i ever heard. What for i plastic surgery my face? =..= And, im not came from rich family,where did i have such alot of money went for it? My face figure never changed before since small. Even changed, there was only a bit changed. But well we can't control what people wanna said or think since everyone has their right to talk.

So what you wanna think, what you wanna said, who am i that you wanna decide. Just do whatever you like. I won't approache you just for persuade you. Think before you speak, be a wise person. :-)

In conclusion, i hate the reality of this world. Getting tired with this world. FML

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  1. They are jealous cox u look pretty than them..hehe.. Just ignore what they said.. Be yourself, because every character has their own specialities and characteristics.. Gambateh ;)