Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sick of it!

Patrick,Maw maw and Jeff shared a real story to me,they told me that recently there is one girl is crazy of Lady Gaga,i mean she is a super duper crazy fans of Lady Gaga,she admired Lady gaga till she reversed play one of Lady Gaga's hot song, Paparazzi. Lastly, she became an abnormal person.

They told me that Paparazzi's reversed version contain some hidden message is about the satan - Lucifier.

I'm sorry if you think that i'm insulting your super idol, or even if you are not believe of this but then i'm just post this and share to all of my blog readers. What i can said is, before i know this stuff and the reversed version,i quite admire her songs. But after i listened to the story and the song,eventhough just mention her name, i also felt creepy and sick. LOL

A little warm and nice advice : Before u watch both of these videos,
make sure u have one or more then one friends is accompany u watch together. :-)

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