Friday, July 30, 2010

Mocktail Presentation

Dear all,sorry for the late post. :-) Recently keep busying at my own stuff. Mum fly frm hometown come and visit me,this week having our MOCKTAIL EXAM PRESENTATION at 29th of July. I'm feel sorry to my team member, Jason & Maggie, all the prepartion of this presentation you guys have been do too much. I'm sorry that i can't help you guys when preparing the decoration and buy ingredients because i having menstrual pain for few days. :-( Thanks for understanding me and never blame on me,i would like to said thanks to my team member Maggie and Jason,


i arrived college's sampling restaurant at 9 something. Start prepare all the ingredient,wash equipment,cut fruits into slice.

Da Rang!!
Lastly,this is our theme : The Expression of LOVE
The name of drinks : Pink Diamond, Bitter & Sweet Love

Close up to one of our drink - Pink Diamond, created by Jason. Selling price : RM25
Many of our friends especially girls love the taste.
Milky + creamy + and of course its in pink and strawberry taste.
But i don't like strawberry,its just too sweet for me,but i still love the milky taste.

Another drink,name it as Bitter & Sweet Love. Creator is Maggie!!
Selling price : RM15
She create this mocktail, mix watermelon with bitter guard. The taste kinda weird,but still accceptable.
It's really special! ;-)


Maggie made tis as our group name tag.
Awwh,it's really cute.
Love it!

This is us!!
Jason,Maggie and Me!

Another us,

Finally all the practical exam have over,coming soon is our final exam.

I think i should start open my notes and start do revision. Gud luck to all my BUCH coursemate! Study smart and all the best!

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