Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shopping Day ♥ ♥

I bought myself a new hp!! Woots,it's my first time to shop myself to buy a new hp. Last time usually is dad help me bought. LOL! I bought Sony Ericsson T715 in pink colour. Love it sooooo much.
It's really affortable and classy,suitable for young girl. ( like me,duhh.. :-P ) Nice right?

After bought hp, heading to sasa take a look. I shopped again. I bought Liese Bubble Hair Colour. It's really famous and popular in Japan,and now finally Malaysia have this product. Arrghh,Malaysia is just too slow man. Last time i ever watch one video by Dawn Yang, a very famous plastic surgery barbie girl frm Singapore that showing the way she using Liese Bubble Hair Colour to coloured her hair. I addicted to it and keep waiting the product arrived in M'sia,and finally i found it at SASA!

i almost scream out when i saw this at Sasa.
Lastly,i choose ASH BROWN. :-D
The colour is soooo nice and i wanna try it.
Price : RM38

The another stuff i bought is :

Da rang,
Liese Juicy Shower.

Oops,i have to mention,this is for spray at your hair for smoother and look silky.
But not for shower ya. ;-)
Price : RM32

Tomorrow will be heading to salon to straighten my hair,and also take off my extension hair.
Change look again?
awwh,i'm going to said goodbye to my "long hair" soon. :-(

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