Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Finally,i have made my decision. :-D I decide to join Ifeel Girl Search 2010,wish me luck. Coz,i have considered quite long time in different way and my own situation. Although many of my friends suggest me join Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2010,i hope to join too. But i'm still young,i need to gain more and more experience,there is still alot of weakness I need to improve myself and gain more knowledge before i go for it. :-D Even it is a small competition compare to the two others competition that i had mentioned at the previous post,but still all of your supports is the best encouragement for me!

As in chinese,成功不是一朝一席的,是靠努力累积经验而得来的。

Today's Look :

* i love my hair,i mean the curl. :-P *
Credits to Jeff Wong. haha!

College life getting pressure and panic,because this month going to be our revision,assignments and final exam months. :S Gosh,i still haven't ready yet. Assignments waiting me,all subjects note need to do revision,eg : Intro to Hospitality & Tourism,Beverage Studies,Computer Application in Hospitality and Kitchen & Hygience Management.

Mum coming to visit me at 22nd of July and will be leave at 31st morning flight
gonna have a big shopping and i wanna dye and straighten my hair before final exam. I DON'T CARE! *Well,pinch me pls. i'm still thinking of shopping LOL* :-P

Yesterday i bought hello kitty lunch box set
included a small cutie handbeg at Times Square.

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  1. I doubt you'll use the lunch box set. Most probably sitting on your display cupboard. LOL!!!