Friday, November 19, 2010

Sapphire Bridal's Advertisement ♥

Chiang chiang! This pictures i ever shared with u all.
My first advertisement. :)

Close up. :D

Woohoo, last few weeks went back to my lovely hometown. And, i saw my big advertisement. I was like, " OMG? Is that me? Unbelievable, "

Yeah, its my first and the current biggest advertisemt for me. It is a newly opened bridal shop at last year i think,its located at Karamunsing Capitol Building,newly opened bridal gallery that named as Sapphire Bridal Gallery.

Share some of our picha for you guys. hope u guys love it.

Here is our male model, John Lee. :)

Sorry for a few low quality pic,
some picturesim using my phone camera to take it. teehee

Sweet couple that plan to marry, personal album photos or wedding anniversary may take a look at Sapphire Bridal Gallery. :) Their wedding and dinner gown are charming and adorable. :)

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Have a nice day. :D

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