Friday, January 7, 2011

New Hair Extension.

Said hi to my new hair extension! :-D

I use clip piece extension. in chinese also known as 发片. For me, this is the currently best hair extension way in market compare to hand tied extensions or sewn-in extension At least i can wash my hair easily and won't be suffer by the extension that tied die in my hair.

today i get my sem 3 times-table. oh fuck,i hate it damn much. it was like damn pack and full of classed, FML i don't even have one day can go back home earlier to have nap except if I escape class. and i was like WTF? how come our class have 31 students? The arrangement is suck till max. :( I have a bad feeling for my coming sem 3. God Bless Me,amen. Oh yeah,i hate account! -.-

*photo credited to Willem*

No matter how many times i look at it, i still hate it! WTF
Good luck to me!

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