Thursday, April 28, 2011

Berjaya 14th Floor, Sampling Restaurant Review.

Maw maw help me take this pic. Thank you! :)

Having my very first practical class ACRO last few days, i look so freaking tired because i just slept for 1 and half hour and wake up. my eyes is sooooooo heavy and i think if i don't find something to do, for sure i will close my eyes and take a standing nap. LOL

And, i have no idea why i put a smokey eye make up on that day. Randomly wake up from bed and feel like try this make up. Not really suit for a waitress who work at a fine dining restautant. But its okay, nvm! I had been discover another new make up for myself! Next time will try to make the eye shadow lighter. :)

College life is tiring, but i enjoy and love to spend time with my friends. :)

Being a waitress that work at a Fine Dining Restaurant, make sure your hair is tie up with a bun or look tidy, i'm not sure others restaurant but this is what our lecturer request us to do. :) 

Berjaya Sampling Fine Dining Restaurant is ready to give a good service with quality foods to every customers! Eventhough we are still in process of practical, but we will still show the best service and caring to every single customers, as what we said, this is the spirit of hospitality! :-D

So, feel free to come for your lunch at Berjaya 14th floor Sampling Restaurant with us! Our class is only at every Tuesday, but it takes turn because our class have separate to two groups, so either i will be at restaurant or inside kitchen. Our operation time is from 12.00pm to 2.00pm. Make sure you have make your reservation before you came! 

And last few days,  

When i'm too lame until i felt my hair grow mushroom, i grab all my make up stuff and start pour out my every make up stuff. Start refer ViVi Magazine March Issue 2011, i know its quite old but just find something to do. Refer to the make up tutorial shared by ViVi Magazine, i tried both different type of make up. Can you see the difference? Left eye is bigger, and the right eye is longer and sexier. XD

Enjoy my life now, currently. :) I have a bunch of friends, we always stick with each other, go college together, eat together, have fun together, discuss assignment together, share and talk together. 

I told myself, the old nelly is die and non exist anymore, and now, the new nelly is reborn! 
No more 1 point ++ in my cgpa result, this sem, i will fight for the best! 


  1. Last time u take photo with a magazine, is ering rite?
    Remember to give urself enough slp.. Later fall down at the restaurant then not nice to see.. =P

  2. Ganbatte babe!!!Give full support!!!

  3. 踩。。。踩。。。踩,我来踩场了!哈哈哈