Sunday, January 16, 2011

APT Bridal's Make Up Show.

Spot me? :-P
Wulala, i'm the special one, and so obivously,
only me is the white with red wedding down. :-P

My make-up artist, Yi Fen from APT

A message for my make up artist, u do your best! :-D Keep it up, i believe u can do better and be a professional make up artist at future. All the best for u and God bless u all the times! Believe yourself, your dream will achieve in one day! :-)

I'm getting fatter and fatter! :(
I don't want gain fats and weight anymore!

I'm the only one with red flowers in wedding dress, OMG it's my first time put lips colour in RED colour! Okay,i love to try new thing! Look sexayyy and hawtt. :-O agree? bleuk.

Morning class again tomorrow. :( sighh.

Gud night my precious readers.

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