Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Haters ;-)

Hello Haters, This is for you. No idea why you hate me, is that my look offenced you? Awwh i'm soooo sorry about that, maybe you are jealous or what? But yet I won't try to approach you to like me. :-)

First thing, girls always love make up to make themselves look more gorgeous, charming and confidence. I think all the girls will agree about this right? Yet, you said my look fake? Oh golly, do you know that you are offencing other girls as well? Everyone sure look different before and after make up, why don't you have a try on your face and see the result see whether you are enough fake or not huh?

You mentioned my lens photo shooting photos look so fake? Do you have any knowledge about photoshooting and PS aka Photoshop? I think you don't right? Let me explain to you, in any commercial advertisement that going to post in public for sure will do some photoshop in the photos! Even idol also did it. So? Do you mean all the artists in the world were fake enough? Funny and sarcastic =..= 

Oh ya btw, if you still don't understand what is PS, go have a look at Cheesie blog. A sincerely advise for you. You should thanks me for help you gain extra knowledge so that you won't be only live at your little tiny world. =D

If you think i'm fake enough, then don't lah come and visit my blog and stalk me every single inch angle of my look. Your life is so free until you got nothing to do and what you only know is stalk people in your own world? If you are really so free, go gain extra knowledge, errm maybe Photoshop skill? Rather than you sit in front of your pc and use anonymous to leave comments at my blog. 

Conclusion, what i wanna said is, FARK OFF and GET A LIFE, HATERS

Lastly, a lovely video wanna share with you. Ngek ngek! I knw you will be loving it. ;-)


  1. how much do u know abt tv ad or commercial. they use photoshop cuz their project can cost up to million of dollars. what abt your photo shoot?

  2. saw your blog by chance. OMFG MY EYES. dun go around scamming people la especially guys. later they board pirate ship liao cannot siam. tmd u look like 狗屎

  3. ya~ even idol could do that because the worth lots.. so what about you? your current picture especially with those wig really scared me because of just so fake. i think you are not only have 1 hater.. pity you like you never accept what people trying to comment if it's not a positive comment lol