Friday, April 22, 2011

My moral class first topic - Abortion.

Hello, im super tired today. The first week of my forth semester. I'm not good, not fine recently. :(
I will tell you in a honest way , i'm facing my PTPTN study loan, because of my sucks result at last 2 sems, and last sem finally i improved, but still i didnt reach their requested minimum CGPA. End up i still left a huge number of outstanding course fees. I'm kinda stress and down recently because of these, there is no way to solve this problem except if sky drop $$$ to me. :(

Subject for this semester :

- Advanced Cuisine & Restaurant Operations (ACRO)
- Principles of Management 
- Principles of Marketing
- Personal Development Skills III (PDS)
- Moral Studies

Okay back to topic today, just as simple, having moral class at 9am, at first i thought this will going to be a boring and dry subject, because i thought it will be repeat the same lesson as what we study at high school, need to memorize the definition and bla bla. But now i know i'm totally wrong, the class is out of my expectation! I love and enjoy myself in the class because we will be discuss about community issues, relationship between your partner, family, how do we think about homosexual and so on. And there will be have a few theory classes. 

Guess what, today's topic is about ABORTION! OMG so geng, the very first class already start from this kind of topic, so can you predict that the topic that will going to discover at the further class. sounds excitied! :D

When we have our moral class, try to imagine the scene 

Mr Warren asked the whole class : " Anyone know the pregnancy test commonly cost how much? " 

The whole class is silent, and i can see the crow passing by my head *ak ak ak*

and in sudden idk why i answered : " 20 ringgit sumthing lah. lol " 

Then the whole class was responding  : " Oh x100000000, " 

They oh for so long time and sound so suspect seems like i ever buy. 

I continue respond since they still giving me those sinister smile! : " 
hye common sense weih! Watsons or guardians also got sell lah. " 

Then finally Mr Warren said something, the whole class finally back to normal. 

End scene, lame i know, thank you for imagine! :P

the class continue, after a simple briefing and introduction of Abortion. Mr Warren asked all of us : " So, what do u guys think about abortion ? Our country is not allowed woman to go for abortion except if only the health of mother is in jeopardy.  " 

So, what do you think? Once Mr Warren sound out this question, i already have a very confirmed answer is a big NO. I heard some of my classmates said yes because they mentioned about the rape cases or the bf is not responsible and run away from his responsibilities bla bla, for me i still will said no. No matter what mistakes that the litigant did, the baby is innocent. Baby is a gift from God, baby is a human being, they are human being, they have feeling. I know it sound so sarcastic if the one who reading here is ever met rape cases or dump by partner, and i said sorry if i hurt your feeling or what, but i never meant to be sarcasm. Don't abort your own baby, if you really think that you can't affort to have baby, why don't you just give birth and try to looking for others family, let them adopt your child. It's better than you abort them? For me, ABORTION is not fair at all, because baby have no chance to sound out and indirect killed by you. Yes, for me abortion is indirectly killing a weak and tiny little life without giving them a chance to live. 

I feel so sad and heartache when i saw the aborted fetus pictures that shared by our lecturer. I felt sick and disgusted to watch that. I remember there is one picture giving me a very very deep impression, i guess the baby is almost 7 or 8 months,  the baby is die. The way they using for abortion is Salt Poisoning. The whole body is in white colour because the baby is been poisoned. :( I was like wtf? I mean if you really want to abort, why don't you abort before it's too late? Your baby is going to born soon and now you just decide don't want him/her? WTF! 

If you feel like want to take a look at abortion fetus pictures, just look for Mr Google! 

Warm reminder : make sure you don't view it when you just finish your dinner or before you have your dinner. 

There is no right or wrong as what our lecturer mentioned, because everyone have their own opinions and human right to sound their voice.

So what do you think about ABORTION? Do you think M'sia should be legal to abortion? 

Yes or No?

P/S : A random pictures from me, i wanna said thanks to my lovely and great mother because she born me. If everyone said yes to Abortion, then my mum won't be decide to give birth to me even that time she is an advanced age parturient woman. 

Thank you mum. 


  1. Abortion means you don't want to have the baby for whatever reasons only you know. If your marks are falling, it means you are not focus in your studies.

    There's no easy way of passing subjects except work for it.

  2. I share your opinion on abortion, a big NO! unless like what Mr.warren said, is if the life of the mother is in jeapordy, then it is acceptable to have an abortion.

    As for your studies, there's no short cut to success, only hard work. If i can do it, so can you! Believe in yourself!