Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tips of being a succesful blogger

Oh fuck, i'm just almost finish type this blog post and i accidentally delete everything and the post gone. WTFFFFFFFFFFFF 

Been blogged for few years, so can share with you all the tips to gain good impression and popularity for your blog.

1. The Music/Song playing in your blog is too noisy and annoy.

Everyone realised this right? Sometime we feel like wanna take a look at a person blog. Once the page finish load, suddenly pop out some noisy and annoying song from the person blog. Don't you ever think that you put this kind of songs, will shoo away your readers? 

Sometimes when the line is down, and the song is automatic play without finish load, and it was like stuck, play.. play and stuck.. stuck and stuck again. really KNS

Imagine now you have a very down mood, you went for someone blog, and once u open, the music is annoyed u. What you will do? For sure directly click the X to close the page right?

I never meant that you can't apply any songs at your blog, of course u can. But why don't you choose some blue, or soft song to play at your blog, make ppl comfortable to listen. Or else, just don't set the player as auto-playing. Let readers make their choice whether to listen or not.

2. The Insincere Blog Followers

I used to have chatbox applied at my blog last time to convienent my readers to leave comments. But it kinda annoyed that sometimes u will some numbers of bloggers will leave something like this :

Reader A : Hello, follow/link your blog. Mind to follow me back?

You went to the person blog, u saw ur blog link is in the list. 

Idk how do you reply, but for me, i will said sorry and i only follow my friends' blog. 

Trust me, very fast, after that you went back to the same blog, your link gone! Haha! Very funny is it? I call this kind of ppl insincere followers. They follow your blog because they want you follow back their blog. What for? To increase their followers amount so that they can show to others they are popular? 

If people like your blog, like the way you blog, they will automatic follow or link you without asking you to follow back. :)

3. Copy & Paste Blogger 

Some ppl just used to steal ppl point, thoughts or even the whole post to paste at their own blog and take it as their own. I used to call them CP! Chinese ppl shud knw CP can be a rude calling har? :-P

Did you ever think of how hardly is the blogger trying to think, type and make correction at his/her post just to share to everyone of you. Unfortunely  the post that she/ he did so hardly and badly being copy by using Ctrl + C and it became your post. Don't you forgot there is something call copyright huh? The cicle C © 

Be who you are, not what people want you to be. Be yourself and i believe there will be a number of people admire the way you blog and who are. :)

P/S : Little tips for you guys, the design of your blog, the fonts and fonts colour also very important. Don't need to be too fancy as long as it look nice and tidy. It will be interrupt readers' eyesight and make them suffer to read it if the fonts colour is not match with your design. :)

Finally, i redone my sharing for today. Life is getting busy since i have alot of group assignments coming to me. 

Sleep early night catsssss, 
tomorrow going to post about my tea-time session with friends!

Yummyyyyy. One of my favourite - Tiramisu  


  1. Great point babe...
    You make me feel like I wanna blog soon...XD

  2. It's my very first time to leave my comment here.
    I like the way you blog.
    You are so awesome!

    Btw, you are soooooooooo pretty :)

  3. Karina : You should try it too! :D Blogging is fun!

    rOuRou : Thank you so much sweetie. Do come back often, love your support!

    Yunhony : Yes i will. Thank you! :D