Thursday, August 19, 2010

Read this my readers

Dear all, pls take a few minutes to read this post, appreciate it alot. :)

I have added a new gadget - " FACEBOOK LIKE " at my every single post.

All facebook users, my friends or even net friends,
click like if you love my article through your personal facebook account
so that i know who you are. :D

If you like to know more how to add this gadget to your blog,
kindly refer to my babe's blog post : Hilary Giogio

Firstly, if u are the one who always read and follow my blog. I would like to said thank you with full of sincere heart. :) Especially for those who love my blog article, always leave comments to support and console me. I appreciate it alot, i mean seriously. :)

I know and i understand, it's not easy to make one person like you. As what usually people said, you can't force a person to like u if he/she is dislike u without any reason. So, for all of you who love me, i love you all too. But if, you hate or dislike me, it's ok i won't care or bother about it. I won't try to approach you to like me or whatever shit you hope i do for you.

Love me or hate me, still is an obsession. :P

Link my blog?

For all my precious readers that I don't know you in real life OR click my blog randomly*pass by someone blog or friend intro me to you* if you linked me at your blog, pls follow my blog. :) Because i won't simply linked every single person who linked me at their own blog. So the best way is follow my blog, then i can view ur blog easily. In addition, you may also received my blog updates' in first time.

Follow my twitter?

My twitter link --> Click here

My twitter will be update daily,and of course I always have craps at there. If u play twitter, may follow my twitter to get my latest news or even my sharing story. Blog is the place that i share something important, but twitter is the place i always craps and chat.

So, catch me up there. ;-)

My Facebook Fans Page?

Well, i'm not celebrity or even a famous or public person, i'm just a small character in this world. And i believe no matter how famous, rich, famous, pretty or handsome you are, you are still a small character in this world. Am i right?

So, my personal facebook account full and i can't approve any friend requests anymore. So i create a fans page for myself. Quite shy and embrassed when open this page. Teehee :P

So my dear all, pls like my fans page and pls STOP ADDING MY FACEBOOK PERSONAL ACCOUNT. I seriously won't approve your friend requests except if you are my real life friend.

So,what you waiting for?
Catch me up
and get my new updated through
i mentioned above's three ways!

Have a nice weekend.

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