Saturday, August 14, 2010

Magazine Shooting Job + Latest Look

Hang out with my pretty Shindy today. :-)
Went to Sg.Wang together with her to buy her friend's lens,then we went for lunch.
Have a nice talk with her.

After finish our lunch, go to the nearby LRT station and went back together.

Today's outfit :

Simple is my favoutite type of outfit. ;-)
I love my handbeg,my blouse and my hp. *wink*

13th of August,

let's share about yesterday stuff.

I went for my very first magazine photo shooting job. Thanks for Anis intro this job to me. Be honest, at first i thought is fashion wear for the shooting, at last went there just knw is wear Baju Kurung & Baju Kebaya,somemore with Tudung. OMG =..=
I really laugh of loud that time, the assistant said i look alike ARAB ppl when i wear tudung. LOL! xD

My photos will be release at October's issue, NONA magazine. excited excited excited. Hope i won't look alike weirdo. will be update u guys when i get the photos. ;-)

Stay tuned. xoxo

The latest me, (after i take off my extension hair and straighten my hair.)

That's all for me today. Chiaoo. :-D

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