Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Exam Result + Outing with Yoanne

Wake up at 11 somthing this morning, then went to college to get my result slip. Garrghh.. I'm not enough sleep, headache. :-( Since last night keep worried about my result, keep praying that hope i won't fail for my final exam. I didn't beg for good result, but at least i pass my exam. Unfortunely, when i check through college computer since they said the result slip only will be release at 5pm evening. I checked, my total CGPA marks is only 1.38. I totally shocked and my tears almost ran out frm my eyes. But i controlled and asked myself not to cry or showing myself is weak and feel helpless. So, i smile and act like nothing in front of others.

I only fail one of my first sem final exam's subject, BEVERAGE STUDIES!! Well Mr Joykin =..= Thanks for not letting me pass your lovely dovey subject. I know you dislike me, and same as me too. *wink*


After i get my result, went for lunch with Jeff, Maw Maw, Corrine and Patrick. :) But then Yoanne msg me, told me she already arrived Times Square, watching movie with her friend. So when she come out, i meet her up and she joined us since I have order my lunch at restaurant.

Very first time hang out with her eventhough we know each other before both of us came KL. But then never have chance hang out together since both of us is busy for work and study.

She finding hair show model for coming 24th August. Actually is just a hair show competition,
so both of us meet up today and discuss for the themes and costume.
Will update u guys soon. *wink* Remain mysterious first, ngek ngek :-P

Saw both of our wearing? So match man. XD
My white small coat with floral trouser, and she wearing black jacket.

We have the same taste and sense in some of stuff,
such as our wallet.

Nelly & Yoanne ♥♥♥

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  1. Resitting 1 subject only is not too difficult. At least it keeps you grounded and encourage you to study harder. Don't join too many competition / take up too many part time jobs as it will affect your studies.

    Good Luck!