Saturday, June 18, 2011

Starbucks #Twitterlicious Week!

Hye guys, last night just post a sharing passage from a facebook pages, because felt it is very meaninful. And, i think girls should learn and gain something from the passage.Just scroll down to the previous passage, then you can read it! :)

Yesterday after pds class, went to Kim Gary restaurant with my buddys. I want to get my favourite Mango & Coconut Milky Lure so badly idk why! While waiting my drinks and food is come, camwhore time! I will only camwhore when i dress well and look nice. =P 

Did i become chubby? :( 
I realised i did. Arrgh,can't eat anymore. Start diet!

When I'm trying to find a nice light angle for camwhore, 
Jason is come in and join my camwhore session!
He is sooooo monkey in this pic, and he is absolutely a monkey. =P

After 10 minutes, my drinks is here! 
Omg, so in love with Mango Milkly Lure. No idea why. :'D

My expression is like, " hye don't steal my drinks! It's mine! " 
Spot the peace finger, the stupid monkey Jason did it. 
Before i post this pic, thinking to ps remove his lame peace, but then nvm,
this is the monkey show! :-P

Yesterday, my friend told me that Starbucks have their last day of  #twitterlicious week! As a Starbucks big fans, i won't missed out this chance to get mine! What you need to do is, you have to retweet the twitter post that post by StarbuckMY official twitter profile, show it to the cashier, and you can get your offer! Guess what, i get my favorite Mocha Frappucino too at Times Square 1st floor! I'm so so so happy and feel so excited. Why? Because normally a drink from Starbucks, if you paid RM10, is not enough for it and you might need to take out few ringgit to paid for it! But i got it with only a piece of RM10, somemore there is a leftover balance. =P
So what you waiting for? Follow StarbuckMY official twitter, get the latest promotion and news from there! ;-)

Mocha Frappucino 
with topping cream and chocolate syrup is 

Neh, my discount! :-P

 i wanna said, 

Thank you Starbucks! :-D

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