Saturday, June 11, 2011

Relax Saturday.

How's life guys? I promised i will update my blog once a week, i mean AT LEAST! :-D Guess what, today i went to interview as a Barista at Starbuck! Be honest, i am a super coffee lover. No idea why, lmao. A Starbuck a day keep the sleepyness away from me. :-P

Before i went for the interview just now, i called Maggie and told her about this, she said " Hahahaha! I know you lah! You go for the interview is for learn how to make Green Tea Latte izzit, or your Mocha Frappucino? " I was like, wtf. haha! No doubt i am Starbuck Loyal Customer, i always kidding and tell others, Hye Starbuck should present me as their super V.I.P! And my friends always teasing me, they told me " Nelly, you should franchising a Starbuck, then everyday you can drink unlimited Starbuck. " = , = a good idea huh?

Weekend coming to the end, i'm going to said Goodbye with my lovely weekend. I can't even rest well recently. :-( Keep on busy for assignment. assignment, Assignment, and ASSIGNMENT again. Frustated. :-( Due date is getting nearer. God pls pls pls, pls and pls again bless me, halleluyah amen. =/

I learnt from everytime i fell down, so dear all girls, if the man who you love is not going to believe what you said, then please don't waste time keep on make any explaination for him once he start suspect what you said.  Eventhough this second he told you, he will belief on what you said, the next second, he change his standpoint and the situation will only keep on repeat and repeat until the day you tired. Girls and boys, please remember this, cherish your love one, two people is meant to be trust each other but not to suspect. Remember a sentence said by chinese ppl, heart is made by flesh, there will be a day your partner tired and fed up no matter how deep she/he love you. It's too late when you start regret when you lost the one you love.

I love my semi-formal make up for Friday. 




Watched Dylan Dog today with him. Brandon Routh is sooooo hawt! I'm so so so so admire him! I keep on repeating tell him, OMG Dylan Dog is sooooo leng zai, my cup of tea! And he was like so helpless giving me a swt face like this. muahahaha! :P  ★★★★ for this movie! Thumbs up for my dearest Brandon Routh! Hye he is mine! 

I love the movie line : No Pulse? No Problem. 

Have a nice day. :-)


  1. So did u get the job?

    Glad to see u r up & flying again!