Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post for 2011 Year

Hye guys, sorry for not updating my blog again. Lazy bump bump i know. :-P So today is the last day of the year 2011, and i saw a lot of bloggers updated their blog and so I also decided mine. So how are u guys  recently? Everything okay? :) I hope you all are doing great there.

My 2011 year was wonderful, i met my boyfriend, i'm glad that he is beside me whenever i'm down, upset, in anger, crying, we been through all those problems and difficults,  and we appreciate the happy moments when we stick with each other. We can meet everyday, in a year of 365 days we got 300 days is together because we are in the same class. I can even don't make up, not wearing contact lens, and hang out with him. I remember that the funniest moment is, I wearing my PYJAMAS and go mamak eat supper with him. And he can't stop laughing on the way to the shop.

 I met some ppl asking like " why do you choose such a boyfriend like him? You can get a better one! " And i replying the person, " what do you think is better? " And the person said " Rich, Good looking guy and etc. " And i ask her back " Then what if i together with a better man, and the next second there is another one better man is appear, so should i just dump the one and involve in a new relationship. " And she speechless. Love, is the happiness, comfortableness, relax, trustworthy and respectful. This is what i hold and believe. It doesn't matter with the person look, or his/her background, income level, and so on. But of course, we are not in a fairy tale world, we have to mean, what I mean is not asking u to in love with someone which is lazy, not willing to work hard and fight for future, it is very important for every woman to    have a man which is responsible and hardworking. Doesn't matter if he is not rich because money will come to him in the future. :-)

Our relationship have come to the 8th month anniversary, or maybe 9th month i forgot. :-P For my readers who is reading this, wish you all can find your Mr or Miss Right. :)

Happy New Year 2012! ( Oops, 5 more hours to go. :P )

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  1. I salute you for what you've posted. Nowadays, very hard to find such mature thinking ladies. You are a rare one. Wish you all the best in your future undertakings.