Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pre-Christmas Shooting

Caption : Tiring look after finish shooting. Phew

Last Sunday have fun with a group of photographers, having my very first time shooting with a big group of photographers. LOL 

Recently getting chubby, garggh i don't care i'm going to on diet. :( So upset when i see my face getting chubby, leg getting thicker, the byebye arm is coming out. Shit i wanna gam fei ( in cantonese means on diet ) , very hardworking to dump all my fats now! Gambateh gambateh Nelly Chin! You can do it!

My life is keep on busy busy busy with working, assignment, presentations, mid term, final exams and etc. Argh God Bless Me i can get flying results in this semester. Amen ._.

Just sharing some random photoshooting photos of mine on the day, have a shoot at Bukit Jalil Park, from 9 sumthing morning until 12 noon. Tiring, and HOT! Somemore i wearing a tight and long sleeve so call of Lolita Dress, it's really killing me and i have to work as very professional and not complaining anything. And actually my theme should be sterwardess look, but too bad the skirt is too short so i changed this. Hope not let you all dissapointed. Teehee :D

Ahh! My super favourite photo! IExtremely long legs. Photos credited to Eason Lim, a very humour and friendly photographer. I hard to get along with strangers, but he is the first photographer to make me and all the photographers getting close and not being so shy when i was doing my posing. :-)

Photographer Eason and a short me when the ending session of the photoshoot. :-) 

Really envy those girls who will never worry about angle problem when photoshoot. :( It had required a very right angle to capture me as because i will look very fat or chubby if the angle is wrong. Sad case. :( 




Btw, here are an upcoming shooting event which themed as My Princess - 格格与香妃. I believe that all of Chinese people know the movie of 还珠格格 ( pronounce as Huan Zhu Ge Ge in Pinyin ). On the day there will be three models which is me, Dreamy and Vivien

Click here to view the event details, join asap because limitation of numbers of photographer. 

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