Thursday, September 29, 2011

FHM Event 2011.

Hello hello, so sorry for the late post. Teehee. Should be update at last week, but keep on delay until now. Finally today i done edit and resize all the pichas! :-D 

Last thursday, 22nd of October, me, hubby and classmates went to FHM 2011 at KLCC Convention Centre. Meet up at KLCC at 12pm, then four of us went for lunch before go to the event. 

1 something we reached front door here, then went for register because all the visitors are required to have a visitor pass before went in the hall. Da rang, i get mine too. :-D 

Hubby help me take pic, he can handle angle very well! 
Thanks hubby 

Let's start the journey :)

See all of the cute cakes, omgggg so nice and delicious! I want a piece too. Too bad that time i'm still very full, stomach can't insert any foods. :'( 

Next stall, my favourite Ice Cream! I choose mine chocolate flavour!
 So happy that they gift us a small cup to have a taste. Seriously very nice! :-D

3rd floor all are selling those food and beverage equipments. 

Random picture after get out from the hall, Hubby with me 

After that, we proceed to Hall 5 to watch our collegemates and lecturer contest.  

When we get into hall, we saw our college representative contest, our senior.
 I forgot his name, but i recognized his face. 

Our senior works, very nice even haven't completely done. 

Proceed to the main stage when we heard the emcee announced our lecturer name going to be the next contestant. 

 Stage with previous contestant and the judges. 

Next, he's here! Doing some preparation before get started. 

The process when he doing his mocktail or cocktail, i'm not sure. =/ 

After done his drinks, presented at the table below the stage for present to other visitors. 

Our meetings & events management lecturer - Shaun Liew.


Next, we move to other session. This area is the bakery contestant works. All are very nice and beautiful!
Not going to upload all the photos, but will share with you all the interesting and nice one. ;-)

Alice in the Wonderland

 Rose wedding cake, one of my favourite!

Bakers At Work, i give 5 stars for this work. Very nice and attentive.
I believe the baker really use alot of effort to do it. Well done!

Another one of my favourite,
 The heels wedding cake!!

This is soooo cute! 
Look alike a barbie doll house! 

We go out from the hall because it's too hot inside. So we went to KLCC Garden Park to walk around. 

Using my phone front camera to camwhore, 
Me, Felicia, Maggie and Hubby! 

Times with hubby :-*

Issh, how can you act cute! >_<

One of my favourite pics of us! Teehee :)

Jiang jiang, the three silly girls :-P 

Four of us. :) Thanks for the guy that willing to take photo for us. 

Hubby helping a foreigner take pic. Look so professional huh? Lehlehleh.

Lastly, a funny picture of me and hubby. 
I look like very naughty (obviously i am) *COUGH* , and hubby was speechless for me 'naughtyness'. Neni neni bubu, who ask he pamper me so much. :-P

That's all for the FHM day, have a nice day ppl! 
Hope you enjoy my post and photos! 

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